Panel Lining using Sharpie & Zippo Lighter Fluid!

Hi Guys! we meet again. 

Its been a long time, 
so i guess i'll just do a quick post on my blog.

Today's post is about 
how to panel lining using Sharpie & Zippo!

A lot of people will think that sharpie is a no use thingie in 
plamo world (except for coloring a clear part),
 but what u dont know is that it can be used for panel lining! 

but Zippo Lighter Fluids (i'll just refer to it as Zippo LF) 
have been used for centuries since the birth of the 
first gunpla back in 1873 as an enamel paint thinner! 
even Gol D. Rogers uses this since he's the pirate king!!
 haha. i was just joking, but it is true,
 Zippo LF can be used as an enamel paint thinner.
 i know Ngee Khiong uses this method, so i'll just cover it more in this post.

First of all, what u will need in doing this?
Heres the list, 

1. Sharpie marker
2. Zippo Lighter Fluid
3. The part that you want to panel line 
4. A piece of cloth
5. your hands

Thats all! All are cheap and easy to get.
 Sharpie marker is like RM2.30 or something and
 Zippo LF is RM6 or RM7 in that range. 
and u already got your hand!
its free!

1. FIRST STEP : Analyze the parts that u want to panel line.

One of the most important thing that u must
first do is to analyze the parts that u
want to panel line.

The hat in the pic above belongs to my
MG Figure-rise Monkey D. Luffy. 
What i want to achieve here is to get a kinda 
rough effect and to make the texture
to be more "defined"
(or something like that) go figure it out yourself.

But it would be weird to panel line
it with black, as the hat it self is yellow,
so i just use a brown sharpie marker instead.
Now that u have analyze it, 
lets move on to the next step!

2. SECOND STEP :  Smoochie the panel line area!

lol, i just made the word smoochie up,
i dont know how to describe it,
paint the whole panel line with Sharpie marker?
Refer to the pic below.

As the picture shows, 
make sure the surface is fully covered with Sharpie.
for gundams panel lining, 
just make sure the Sharpie gets into the line. :D
thats all! simple as a pimple.

3. THIRD STEP : Zippo LF, engage!

So, how do u use Zippo LF in doing the panel lining?
first, put some Zippo LF on a cloth or something.

Then, jab the area slowly.
the key here is not to wipe it instantly,
as if the panel line is not deep enough,
(my Luffy's hat case)
it will take away all of the 

After 9 or 10 seconds, gently
wipe the area using the cloth with the zippo in it.

you will get something like this.

Looks great. 
i think it will look better when a flat 
topcoat is applied.

Then just repeat all of the steps on the other 
panel line.


and thats all on how to panel line using a 
Sharpie marker and Zippo LF.

The pic below shows the result
of the technique when it is being
used on my SD Wing EW.

i hope this post will help u guys in
doing panel lining better.

if theres anything u want to ask,
just ask it in the comment 
section below.

until next time! 


  1. good effort..thats what we called washing also can use enamel paint to do paneling, just mix the paint with zippo oil and do the same technique.

  2. yeah, i know. haha. bt i found it much easier using sharpie marker. :D

    well, someday ill use enamel. nice blog u have there btw. :)

  3. hello....

    means that i can use Sharpie for my Gundam instead of Expensive Gundam Marker..

    Thanks for the tips bro....